Our professionals

We have the support and advising of a highly qualified group of professionals.

With more than 10 years of expertise on the financial and investment environments!

Jorge Jordan
Lic. Jorge Jordán

Founding Partner

He is Licentiate on Law in Havana University and with a Technical Degree on Foreign Trade. He has more than 20 years of legal practice. He is an expert on Mercantile, Company and Tax Law and on topics related to foreign investments in Cuba. He has worked on important national and international firms.

Ada Duran
MBA. Ada Mercedes Duran Hernández

Founding Partner

She is Licentiate on Accounting and Finances in Havana University. She has a Master’s Degree on Business Management from Córdoba’s University. She has worked several accounting activities, such as accounting and warehouses management, working with different accounting systems. She was an Auditor of the prestigious firm known by Consultores Asociados S.A., offering her services to clients along with very important international firms, mainly on the financial and insurance sectors, helping her clients to implement solutions for their detected problems by making recommendations to improve their accounting and financial processes.

Ariel Gonzalez
Lic. Ariel Gonzalez Casas

Founding Partner

He is Licentiate on Accounting and Finances in Havana University, Specialist on Accounting. His work experience includes the accounting and financial management in mercantile societies;also, on accounting and financial management in mercantile societies. He masters the accounting cycles, bank finances, credits, loans and other financing instruments. He has a wide experience on issues such as production costs in process and work orders, exchange risks, cash flows, financial analyses, investment feasibility studies, budget and business plans. He has been Financial Manager and Treasurer of Management Boards in three joint ventures. Today, he works on the sugar industry and on non-banking institutions.

Alexis Morell
Ing. Alexis Rafael Morell Blanco

Founding Partner

Computer engineer, graduate of the Polytechnic University of La Habana (CUJAE). He has extensive experience in advanced programming platforms like PHP and database such as SQL Server, MYSQL, Postgress managers. With more than 15 years developing for web he has knowledge of XML, HTML, Javascript, C , Visual Basic, ASP, Object Pascal (Delphi), J2EE, JSP, Servlet, Struct, SOAP, Hibernatey, Python.

Mabel Pedroso
Lic. Mábel Pedroso Cuesta


She is Licentiate on English Language in Havana University and she has a Diplomat Degree on Central Banking. She worked as Economic Analyst in Cuba’s Central Bank for five years. Her work experience also includes the commercial activity on different important projects of the country. She has experience on the translation of general topics documents and of others related to the economy, the maritime and port operations, construction and legal activities.