Accounting and Financing Consultancy and Management

The consultants conforming our Work Team have the professional competence that allows them to guarantee the constant updating of their staff in relation to the accounting and financial issues, as well as in solving and implementing the recommendations arouse from the auditing, verifications and inspections related to subjects of accounting and internal control.

We also support you in the process of elaborating accounting, costs, finances and internal control procedures. Bookkeeping and accounting operations registry are executed in accordance with the Cuban Norms for Financial Information.

We offer advice for the development, optimization and implementation of financing plans of fiscal effect covering all the range of financing options of resources projects; effective leasing structures related to debts and taxes for new management models, state companies or foreign investment.

• Elaboration of economic and financial Feasibility and Pre-Feasibility Studies.
• Registries of transactions and receipts; elaboration of financial statements and its corresponding notes.
• Business plans, financial yield statements, general balance sheet.
• Elaboration of diagnosis of internal control and of accountable-financial nature.
• Manual of accountable, accounting and costs proceedings.
• Conciliation, refinement and settlement of accounts.
• Issuance of technical opinions regarding accountable, financial and internal control matters.
• Physical count of inventories and tangible fixed assets.
• Preparation of statements of account, bank conciliations and examination of such statements.
• Annual Reports.

Collection and Payment Management

We represent our Clients in the Collection Management of doubtful and due accounts. We support you on the process of defining the balances, working with you on its cleansing. We visit your clients and manage the acknowledgment of debts, process its collection up to its total execution, either in cash or through the corresponding means of payment.

In parallel, on behalf of our Client we execute the payments and obligations of any nature –either products of acts or contracts executed by the Client or those established by Law- our Client is obliged to.

• Conciliations.
• Mercantile, Civil and Administrative Claims.
• Acknowledgement of Debts and Payment Agreements.
• Representation before the Arbitrage Court.
• Negotiation of Due Debts.
• Payment of Taxes, Rates, Contributions and Several Obligations.

Fiscal and Tax Consultancy

The expertise of our professionals includes a wide experience on the functioning of tax processes, such as the inscription and updating of the registries of entities before the Tax Administration, as well as the fulfillment of informative, formal and payment-related requirements, and also resources and claims introductions.

We offer Cuban companies, foreign entities and natural persons services of permanent and specific consultancy in subjects related to national tax. We have the capacity of adapting to the Client with regards to the technical component of the service and to the economic sector we are to operate in.

We work in areas of General and International Fiscal Approaches, accompanying our Clients on their investments projects by offering and integral consultancy on fiscal topics.

• Registration and Cancellation of Clients in the Corresponding Taxpayers Registry.
• Consultancy and Performing of Taxpayers Formal Duties.
• Preparation and Presentation of Affidavits.
• Preparation and Presentation of Recourses of Reform and Appeals before the Tax Administration.
• Fiscal Feasibility Studies.
• General Consultancy in Fiscal and Tax Issues.
• Fiscal Consultancy for Investment Projects in Enterprises, Several Businesses, Freelance Workers, Farming Cooperatives and Non-Farming Cooperatives.
• Giving Technical Opinions about Fiscal Aspects.

Translation of Public and Private Documents

We are qualified translators of public and private documents. Our team has specialized translators on legal, mercantile, accounting and financial documents, which will help you fulfill your expectations both in Cuba and in your country of origin.

• Income Statements and its Notes, Feasibility Studies and Prefeasibility Studies.
• Public Deeds, Letters of Attorney and Contracts.
• Bank and Commercial References.
• Annual Reports of Companies.
• Other Mercantile, Accounting and Financial Documents.